November 19, 2018

Mobb Deep "Hell On Earth" (Press Release, Enhanced CD)

"After hitting gold with their last album, Mobb Deep is right back in it with the album "Hell On Earth." The act's street infamy is taken to the next level by the album's musical reflections on life and death, which spring largely out of mixed events: Havoc's reunion with his prison-released young brother, Prodigy become a father, and a horrible car crash that left two friends dead. The album title refers to the simple fact that violence in our culture isn't created from words on a CD or images on a screen, but rather is a grim reality that art can only reflect. The opening track, "Animal Instinct," testifies to the cut-throat competition in rap and denounces the genre's pervasive "thug" mentality. The set offers guest appearances by Nas, Rapper Noyd and Wu-Tang's Chef Raekwon and Method Man." - Billboard, November 15, 1997. Below is a brief video running through some of the enhanced CD features that came with the album, and below that is the original press release for it.

The press release regarding the enhanced CD features on "Hell On Earth" says that the enhanced CD is included at no additional cost. It included 30-day internet access, a hidden song (using a password), as well as the the full LP, exclusive video footage, bio and photos and access to snippets from other albums on Loud Records. I mostly remember the home-screen cycling over and over, but I was not computer savvy back in the winter of 1996 ... I almost forgot about these bonus features.