November 15, 2018

Featurecast "Queensbridge" (Queen vs. Nas Blend Tape)

Queen vs. Nas?? Ever wondered how it would sound if two of the most incredible music icons actually worked together? Maybe in a alternative universe, Queensbridge rapper Nas teamed up with UK rock legends QUEEN and created something totally unique together? Well... thankfully what I imagine that session would have sounded like is now available. Featurecast presents - Queensbridge. Listen to those endless hours in the studio as the genius of Queen and Nas bring a totally new take on 15 tracks with up until now, lost interviews of Freddie Mercury and Nas discussing the process of working on such a rare project together. This is an extremely ambitious project, but several of the tracks actually turned out incredible! Mind-blowing shit, I hope the audio stays online. Listen while you can! (Update: the download has unfortunately been taken down).