April 16, 2018

DJ Premier Breaks Down Gang Starr's "Moment Of Truth"

"Guru's lyrical style, though seemingly monotonous, serves to uplift, enlighten, and energize listeners. "I used to be a counselor at a maximum-security detention home for boys 14-18 with charges ranging from murder to purse-snatching," he says. "So I had to learn to relate to them not like a preacher but more like a big brother or a cool uncle." That small glimpse into the mind of Guru says a lot, and it shines through even further on tracks like "Above The Clouds" and the title track, "Moment of Truth," which DJ Premier agrees is arguably the most serious track on their '98 LP. DJ Premier sat down for an interview on Tidal and did a track-by-track breakdown of Moment Of Truth, and like everything Premier does, it's insightful and shared with an amazing sense of clarity. I don't know anyone in the industry with a memory as solid as Premo's. Showing respect and giving credit where its due are integral parts of his character, and you feel that whenever he tells a story or shares a memory. That said, check out the video series (8 videos) below of DJ Premier breaking down several track off their most successful LP, Moment Of Truth. There's also an article from April, 1998 in Billboard below, where you can read a lil' bit about the marketing and label side of the project. Gang Starr is my favorite group and DJ Premier is my favorite producer, of all-time!

Article in Billboard Magazine, April 1999