April 19, 2018

Nas "2000" (Mixtape, 1999)

Similar to the Death of Escobar project that found its way online, the Nas 2000 mixtape was an extremely popular bootleg that made its rounds on the streets of Queens (and around in the world) in the fall of 1999 ahead of the release of Nastradamus. Some of the records would later appear on The Lost Tapes, others were remixes, freestyles and feature records with Prodigy, Kool G Rap, Kid Capri, Nature, Large Professor, Biz Markie, Jay-Z, Lord Tariq and more. I've discussed a few of these records in the past and explained the importance of the white labels that leaked ahead of Nastradamus. In the days of the internet, nothing appears nearly as rare anymore, but back then, this was a big deal and everyone wanted to put their ears on these new records from Nas. This tape represents that special time in music for me, so listen below... Nas is still the G.O.A.T. Fight me.