May 04, 2016

Fourfifths "Earth Wind & Fire" (12", 1997)

Fourfifths 'Earth Wind & Fire' 12" (1997)

Fourfifths released this 12” in 1997 on Conception Records, which was a really dope label in Seattle, Washington. The label was co-founded by the Sharpshooters; Mr. Supreme & DJ Sureshot, in ’93. They released early records by Jake One, Diamond Mercenaries, Kutfather, Eclipse, Da Grassroots and even my brother, MoSS. The ‘Walkman Rotation’ compilation put together by J.Rocc may be one of their most known releases, because it showcased a little from each member on the roster. As for Fourfifths, it was Cuniform, Sub-Zero, and Nickle Slick, with a really dope remix by Jake One on this 12”. There are 2 variations, a blue sleeve and a green sleeve of this 12”, not sure if there’s any difference between them. The scratches on the 12” are handled by DJ Ace. Listen to the full 12"...