May 11, 2016

Large Professor "The Mad Scientist" (The Source, 5/96)

"Except for his work on Tribe's Midnight Marauders LP, the Large Professor has been very much on the DL for the last few years. After his split from Main Source, heads were set for him to embark upon a solo career and blow up like many of his homies have. But the mastermind behind the 1991 classic Breaking Atoms decided to take his time. Not one to cash in or jump on the next trend, the Extra P made sure his shit was correct. And at long last, in the 9-6, he has returned. On "Mad Scientist," Large restates his lengthy resume and plots his return to prominence in the rap game" I'm called the mad scientist Extra P / About to set up shop and drop this next degree / On the masses / Yeah it's the live guy with glasses / From Flushing / Known for programming percussion." It's obvious that Large came up in an era when tight skills were a must. His crisp delivery makes it easy to understand every rhyme and his classic flow is an automatic head-nodder. The track itself works off a simple bass-and-snare kick and features a healthy amount of scratching." - The Source

You can see the full 12" review from The Source below...