May 08, 2016

Da Youngsta's "I'll Make U Famous" (The Source, 1996)

"Growing up is hard to do, just ask Da Youngsta's. Five years and three records ago, the threesome from Philly entered the hip-hop universe with a pugnacious, precocious sound that made up for whatever it lacked in maturity with a vibrant, infectious enthusiasm that embraced the group's youth. But on I'll Make You Famous - released by the venerable, independent Philadelphia rap label, Pop Art Records - Qur'an, Tarik and Taji are out to let you know they ain't no kids no more, despite the fact that all three are still under 20. Da Youngsta's are now to be known as the Illy Funkstas, and their first album as such seems intent on proving the importance of the distinction. This time around, 17-year Qur'an and company focus on the big boy concerns of swinging to survive, whether it's on the street, the mic or in the bedroom. The title single is a made-for-radio cruisin' jam that speaks on the pleasures the Funkstas have to offer the ladies. "Bloodshed and War," featuring Mobb Deep, teams the trio with one of their bigger influences in yet another hip-hop ode to the business of the street corner. "Verbal Glock" highlights the maturing confidence the group has in their ability to take on all MC comers..." The rest of the review is mixed and speaks to the pitfalls in the album, saying "it lacks the elusive flava that makes good beats great records." That's a fair take, few people would call this a classic. Watch the video for their title track since the album isn't available.

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