September 20, 2016

Cypress Hill "Black Sunday" (The Source, 9/93)

"About two years ago, the patriarchs of the Soul Assassins family made their platinum debut with a style not geared towards a specific race or religion; its stoneish message was universally received. Since then, hip-hoppers have been eagerly awaiting the return of the Phunky Feel Ones. This month, Cypress is set to settle all those geeking for another hit of the same flavor with a darker sequel, Black Sunday. The entire album is consistent throughout with a formula of ill funk horns, signature sirens, guitar and piano riffs, all laid over lead-bottom bass that you sometimes feel in back of your throat. The production of DJ Muggs and T-Ray creates a perfect stage for the twisting nasal flow of B-Real, and the cartoonish echoes of Sen Dog. The Cypress Hill style is chorus-oriented and without question, hip-hoppers will be chanting... "I want to get high, so high," and "When the shit goes down, ya better be ready" ... from the album's stronger tracks." Cont'd...

"While the first release, "Insane In The Membrane," is cool, it is far from the highlight of the album. Among the best are "When The Shit Goes Down," with a catchy blues guitar riff, and "I Ain't Goin' Out" - both of which are up-tempo, get-amped tracks.... The album is definitely worth buying as it easily rips the frame out of all of those Cypress bandwagon jumpers. If you liked the first album, or the Soul Assassin's sound, Black Sunday is the real deal. While Cypress Hill isn't particularly educational or enlightening, the musical drug they produce does have recreational properties; it creates atmosphere and attitude to enhance your high. So... just lounge and let the bass flow."