September 11, 2016

Big Daddy Kane "The Mack Is Back" (The Source, 9/89)

September 11, 1989: Cold Chillin'/Warner Bros. is set to drop a bomb - the new Big Daddy Kane LP "It's A Big Daddy Thing." The album is everything you'd expect from this superstar MC, and much more. It is chock full of 17 smokin' cuts that streamline, redefine, and expand on the inimitable Kane style. Get ready for Big Daddy days in '89, as this album will definitely put him on top of the competitive rap scene. The first single - "Smooth Operator" b/w "Warm It Up Kane" - is already a hit on urban commercial and rap radio. And these cuts only scratch the surface of the dopeness found on this LP. The styles range from mellow, bass-heavy grooves to uptempo dance jams, to fun, sing-along type raps. There's even a "live at the Apollo" version of previously-released "Wrath of Kane." Standouts include the title cut, the socially-conscious "Another Victory," the hard and heavy "Young, Gifted, and Black," guest vocalist Red ALert on "Calling Mr. Welfare," and the disco remake "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now." In terms of lyrics, Kane continues to expand his patented rhyme style, though he attacks more pertinent social issues than on his previous album." The Source continues with an interview that you can read below! Salute to Kane, one of the greatest to ever do it!