September 07, 2016

Sa-Roc "MetaMorpheus" (EP Stream)

Metamorpheus is a compilation of songs from Sa-Roc's catalog which spans 12 albums over the last 8 years with 6 new songs. After just one listen, one would truly discover that Sa-Roc is a lyrical gymnast. As Sa-Roc always says, she is an MC who just happens to be a woman. Sa-Roc says on The Reckoning, "I'd rather be remembered for my quick wit and intelligence / Then big tits and a swelling ass cause looks never last forever / I'm like the best of Darth Vader and Skywalker, family product of two sides, dark and light smashed together / Perfect combination of church and abomination, I'm person to file with the grace..." An elite lyricist with bars and real messages, please stream it below!