February 12, 2014

Troopa Deal "Bazic Insticts" (EP, 1995)

It'd be funny corny to leave this here with no context. Nah, Just Blaze & I aren't best of friends - in fact, I don't believe we've ever exchanged more than a quick salute in passing at a show or up at PNC Studios. Some years back, when Twitter was less overrun with accounts, Just tweeted a request for a copy of a record by Troopa Deal called 'Outta Hand' (specifically, the remix) and I just happened to be on online at the time and was able to dig it up to share. I think the record came out of Tampa, Florida and the full EP is called 'Bazic Instincts;' released in 1995 on Solid Entertainment Records. It's been a while but for that those would like to hear the record, too - here it is; Troopa Deal's 'Bazic Insticts' 7-track EP. The cost for this EP on Discogs is over $100, and the CD costs 2-3x that! Crazy! It's a good record though, props to Rob Strong on the production.