February 02, 2014

The Absouljah "Dim The Light" (Album Stream)

"Music is often a reflection of life, so “Dim the Light” is no different. In today’s world, we often have to embrace brutal conditions; meanwhile, assuming the worst has come. How could we know if the worst has already come and gone? It is uneasy to tell. Therefore, the light is dim. While not completely dark, still recognizable that the light isn’t as bright as it once was. “Dim the Light” is a representation of struggle, hopes, and dreams. The Absouljah hails from the gritty paradigm known as Far Rockaway in the borough where kings are born, Queens, New York. When it comes to the essence of hip hop, people who are familiar with Absouljah’s music know that he is a reflection of not only the movement but also the culture. The Absouljah is more than music. He is the voice for those who struggle and face oppressions and injustices daily. The Absouljah is gearing up to provide more authenticity and lyricism to hip hop." Stream ‘Dim the Light’ below and expect many more projects to come from The Absouljah. Props to Bob Lipitch over at Chopped Herring Records.