Friday, October 13, 2017

Wu-Tang Clan "The Saga Continues" / "People Say"

"The Saga Continues" is a new compilation album from the Wu-Tang, entirely produced by long-time producer & designer of the Wu logo, Mathematics. RZA takes an executive producer credit, but it's clear he's not at the helm on production & much of the album is pieced together from verses collected over the years, then curated by Mathematics. In some ways, I wasn't mad at it - Method Man sounded razor sharp in the songs he's on, as does frequent collaborator, the Funk Doc, Redman. That said, it's clear this is not a Wu-Tang Clan album & they don't hide the distinctions in the titling & the pairing of MCs on the tracks. I don't suspect there will be a tour in support of the project, so it might come and go with today's shelf-life for music. Enjoy "People Say" & "If Time Is Money," which are my top picks from the compilation, and hopefully we'll get an official, more cohesive Wu project before things fall apart & there's no putting it back together.