October 20, 2017

The Combat Jack Show "The Return of Redman Episode"

​Damn, because this isn't something I feel should come from anyone but the source, I ask that you please listen to the PSA from Combat Jack explaining his absence on this episode. With that, he is in my thoughts and prayers, and I will certainly reach out to express my support and encouragement. Exhale ... now, this is a special live taping of the Combat Jack Show, where their guest is none other than the Funk Doc, Redman & guest hosting is honorable member of the show, super-producer Just Blaze. I was eager to hear Red give an update on Muddy Waters 2, but he also touches on the current climate in Hip-Hop today, his new show on VH1 & the (un)usual comedy you'd expect from the humble - but hilarious - legend. Listen to this episode of the Combat Jack Show below.