June 07, 2022

Allen Iverson & Jadakiss "Living Legends" (Interview, 2016)

Allen Iverson has aged so gracefully and humbly behind the scenes. When he pops up, it's always to celebrate another player's career and accomplishments. He seems to truly be a fan of the sport, the culture and showing love to people. That's rare and it comes from a special place. Not to mention, he's still one of the greatest basektball players to ever lace up and bless the court. This video here is a throwback to when Jadakiss interviewed him about his top 5 basektball players (Michaek Jordan, Shaq, Kobe Bryant (R.I.P.), Lebron James, Steph Curry, Kryie, Durant, Mello... "it's the same thing with rap," he says unable to narrow it down, and shares his top 5 artists... Redman, Jadakiss, 2Pac, Nas, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, etc.). His impacted the culture - how he stayed himself and changed the culture by "just being me" and how he took criticism for it but it laid the foundation for players after him to do that. Jada shares many of the same hardships and glories, and that continues to this day. These are two celebrated talents and it's important to remember their continued impact. Don't forget their '01 Reebok TV commercial collaboration HERE, and the Reebok Answer 5 that became associated with Jada once it aired. Peep the interview below... HBD, Allen I.