August 30, 2021

DJ Premier "So Wassup?" ("Mass Appeal" Episode, Video)

On the fourth episode of DJ Premier's YouTube video series, So Wassup?, the legendary producer talks with us about the process of crafting the Gang Starr classic from '94, "Mass Appeal." Released on Gang Starr's Hard To Earn album, what was intended to take aim at the industry and crossover hip-hop, actually became one of their most successful records. In a past interview, he declared, "It was recorded as a joke. We just wanted to make fun of the radio on what it sounded like to get airplay. That’s why I made the background melody real simplistic. I was making fun of the radio, but I’m going to make a funky version of making fun of it. Everything’s a vision, and your brain has to be that intense to be able to capture that. What the radio played, when it came to hip-hop, it sounded too watered down. That was making fun of it, but that record did real good for us". Hear about that and more in the video below + props to IllStrips on the unique artwork used up above. Follow HERE.