August 24, 2021

Happy Born Day, REKS! (Playlist)

Happy Born Day to the Godly MC, Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme: REKS! Use of the words 'underrated' or 'slept-on' aren't always seen as compliments to the artists, as far as I can tell... but they're used with good intentions. I know fans - including myself - say that to mean I SEE YOU and you're a special artist, even if its niche, or not celebrated by the masses. It's important to celebrate artists in the underground for their lyricism, wordplay, conscious thought and general elevation and growth as men. Diggin' through Reks' catalog tells the tale of an artist that has been putting it down lyrically since 2001; has an incredible ear for production, collaboration, and insightful messaging in his music. Through social media, I've seen him as a caring father, partner and moves with purpose. We've crossed paths a bunch over the years, but not in recent years as I've moved around a bunch, but I'm definitely happy to see him win and hope to catch him in Atlanta for a show one day soon. Dig through his catalog via the playlist I quickly put together of solo material, features and more. Brief but you'll get the idea, check it out below, and follow REKS HERE for more!