February 01, 2019

The Juggaknots x DJ Boo "Mega-Mix"

When people ask me to give my 'Top 5', I let out a grunt ... why? ... because it's such a loaded question. It's usually asked by trolls or people that just wanna hear themselves rattle off a list of their own. I think it's one of the reasons so many people default to Nas, Rakim, Jay-Z, Biggie and 2Pac. Safe bets, right? Hard to argue with those LEGENDS. Well, how about a list that has Breeze Brewin, Pharaohe Monch & Black Thought in it too (to name a few)? Is that too "backpack" for you? Well, I stand by those MCs and I'm always excited to hear new - or throwback - music from them. Technically, I just find them to be superb lyricists and it'd be hard to find an artist that could disagree with me. I watched Breeze come up in the NYC underground scene, not to mention at Fat Beats, and in some of the hottest, dustiest venues we had. His vocal tones, flow, wordplay and message are all top tier. Sometimes it saddens me that we don't go more new music from Breeze, but then when we do, it does feel like a holiday; much the same as 3 stacks but on a niche level, lol. Whether it was "Dear Autumn," the "Control" verse, Pessimistic Personal Trainer or features with Marco and others; it comes in drips, but it's always high quality, non-disposable music. I could go on, but let's get into this Megamix from the Juggs, put together by my long-time homie and also Fat Beats alumni, DJ Boo! Big ups to Kev Fever and Queen Herawin as well; a family affair! #ILoveJuggs