February 08, 2019

Ghostface Killah "Supreme Clientele" (Feb 8, 2000)

Championing the cause of Wu dominance, Supreme Clientele exemplifies Ghost's lyrical dexterity. While his thunderous light-speed delivery hasn't changed much, his jagged wordplay is at its zenith. One minute, he breaks down street survival tactics on "We Made It" (I ain't tryin' to waste my career on y'all / Even scuffle with you, waste gear on y'all / But if I got to go out / You know I'ma show out), then he takes you on a rough ride down memory lane as he reminisces about adolescent crushes on "Child's Play" (Pretty little Sally sat up by the tree trunk / She had an ass like Deborah Cox / Face like Lauryn / Waist like a coke bottle scorin'). Then there are those Ghostface-isms we love. Like on the muddy treat "One," where he brags about his "rhymes made of garlic" ... So will the Ironman & his clan ever decline? Ghost says it best: "You think I fell off the ledge / The legendary Ghost Dhini might be dead / Never!" - Vibe (April, 2000). 19 years later, and still a gem of an album!