April 18, 2016

Kaya "Imperfections" (EP Stream, 2011)

"Imperfections" is an EP collection of raw, unmixed demos & draft songs, recorded at home and released in their unfinished & imperfect form by Kaya. Sister to hip-hop artist, Eternia, Kaya is a beautiful songstress and pianist, offering raw and vulnerable tones about love, life and heartache. With Rich Kidd's production on "Why Don't We," you'll appreciate a touch of hip-hop, beyond that the production is mostly keys & glimpses into the potential of an artist on the come-up. You can catch Kaya on tracks with Eternia, Flatbush Zombies, Erick Arc Elliott, JR & PH7, and more. I don't post much outside of hip-hop, however it would be insulting to think that my range for music isn't more diverse, so if you're open to it, click play on the stream below to celebrate it's 5th anniversary. Favorite songs: "Why Don't We," "Fake It," & "Don't Give Up," but it's great throughout.