April 26, 2016

Exile "Tears For A Prince" (Instrumentals)

With sad news of Prince’s passing, Dirty Science's Exile put together a 3-song EP called "Tears For A Prince" to pay homage to the great, late musician. Using Prince samples as his foundation, Exile re-works the original work for a limited purple vinyl release. Only 300 made and part of the proceeds will go to the Hearts of LA children’s music program. Exile says, "I woke up April 21st to the news of Prince’s passing. Before I could fully digest the news I receive numerous text from friends about his passing and how I should honor his passing with making music with Prince samples, in honor. I thought to myself I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to ride Prince’s legacy to gain fame. As time passed, drinks were sipped and again I’m asked the question, “How are you going to respond, musically to his passing?” I went home faded, turned on the stereo and started banging Prince. As I’m listening, I’m realizing all the emotion of mine that is stored in his music. I’m realizing how much of his music my mom would play loudly in the house. My mother’s face happy as she would dance in the house. I mean she would be busting! Dancing like she’s in the club! She was good too! I began to cry and think about my own life, my mothers passing and Prince’s passing as a symbol of this wonderful journey. A sign of the times of my own life to witness the death of my mother to know the the death of a prince that represents almost a farewell to a childhood that made the manhood of who I am now. The creativity I fight viciously for, and the inspiration I find along the way that keeps on track with the God energy means everything to me. All the summers that passed with this amazing inspiration, creativity and emotion that is Prince to me. I realized I have no choice but to honor his creative life by honoring my own by taking my good friends advice with these 3 simple beats and this hip hop I’ve been working on my whole life. This is what makes me happy. Inspiration turned to creation. With heart and with love. Rest in Peace Prince." - Exile. R.I.P. Prince.