Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Dephlow "Deph Threats" (Album Stream)

Dephlow represents out of VA, and is down with Awon & Phoniks of the Don't Sleep Records family. This 15-track offering is almost entirely produced by Phoniks, with the exception of "Your Way," which is produced by Draper. Features on the LP include Nehermiah Bell, Tiff The Gift, Anti-Lilly & My Main Man Kleon. A solid release front start to finish, but I almost take that for granted when it comes to Don't Sleep Records. I can't help but notice how well the razor sharp vocal samples fit over Phoniks' production & the content Dephlow shares on the album. Cohesion!! Focussing away from the "single," they craft cohesive projects from start to finish. Fans have rewarded the crew with millions of streams, successful tours & the ability to profit off their physical merch. But y'all don't hear me though, lol. Stream "Deph Threats" below, cop the physicals too while available.