August 20, 2015

Supastition "The Deadline" (2004) + "Boombox T-Shirt"

Back in 2004, North Carolina's own Supastition released one of his most popular tracks to date, the !llmind-produced track, "Boombox." It was featured on his 10-track EP, "The Deadline." Listeners are also drawn to that EP because of the track "Fountain Of Youth," which has landed on various playlists and probably has the most streams of any track in his back catalog. "Boombox" still remains one of the best tracks live because of its raw energy, headnod and catchy hook, "Let It Bang In Ya Boombox!" Supastition has now released some limited t-shirts with the design above, sizes Small to 4XL, which should cover everyone! Head over to Supastition's offical merch store to cop one, and in the meantime, dig into this 2004 throwback, Supastition & !llmind "Boombox" below.