February 24, 2019

The House List Podcast "Breeze Brewin Episode"

Another great episode of the House List Podcast, hosted by Peter Agoston. The latest guest is an OG of mine and one of my all-time favorite MCs, Breeze Brewin of the Juggaknots. "Breezly Brewin hasn't really had a long form interview like this on record, so it was fantastic to hear about his life and his journey into music. Now, a full time school teacher, Breeze grew up in the Bronx. We talk a lot about his childhood, playing basketball and how (like a few other of our most epic talks) Pete Nice helped him early on in his career. The Juggaknots (his group with brother, and sister) never really get their proper due, so I truly enjoyed digging our heels into the writing process of their seminal 1996 debut. The guy is extremely talented as a song / poem writer. Hope you enjoy this one and please subscribe and share feely." Listen to the full interview with Breeze below.