July 03, 2022

DJ Chong Wizard "American Ironman" (Mixtape, 2008)

This is a classic mixtape. It has all the elements I know I look for when I listen to mixtapes…especially blends. It’s not just the actual blends themselves either. We know Chong Wizard can blend and chef up some crazy shit but it’s the little things that make American Ironman a classic. The choice of beats off Ironman, being able to maintain some of that 70’s appeal on the Jay Z vocals while maintaining a stranglehold on the whole drug dealer come up. I’ve played this joint for young cats not familiar with Ironman to tough, I’ve played if for older cats that are very familiar with that Ghost album, and the reactions are the same…let me get a copy of that! That right there is how you know you did your thing in creating a masterpiece for the masses. - RapMullet. Revisit Chong Wizard's American Ironman below, an exceptional blend-tape that was reissued on cassette in 2018.