December 25, 2021

A MF'in DOOM Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I couldn't fathom what to share this year on Christmas, and then I was reminded that we learned of MF DOOM's death on December 31st last year. He'd passed away 2 months prior. I know there's a Cookin' Soul "Doom Xmas!" and remixes, but I thought I'd take it to Adult Swim on Christmas Eve, 2006. I found the video on YouTube, along with the following message: "These are the Christmas with Doom bumps that aired on Adult Swim on Christmas Eve 2006. Adult Swim has brought MF DOOM, a rapper, to host the block that year for Christmas. This was pretty interesting and funny. I vaguely remember watching some of the stuff this night when I was younger, most notably Pee Wee's Christmas." Do you remember when this aired? A little something different this year, dig into the archives for past posts and more Christmas-inspired music/promo. Merry Christmas! Rest In Peace to the late MF DOOM, one of the greatest MCs! Stay blessed, y'all!