December 23, 2021

Trackstar The DJ "Phife Tribute" (Mix, 2016)

"New York City represent, represent A Tribe Called Quest represent, represent-sent The Dawg is scientific with the styles I invent A Tribe Called Quest represent, represent-sent MCs like to meddle, but here's my proposition I let my lyrics flow, and juxt your whole position..." I was in the mood for some Phife Dawg today and this mix from Trackstar The DJ was the perfect solution. Released at the time of Phife's passing (3/16), he shared the following message along with it, "Rest In Peace to a man who was an essential part of the group that made me fall in love with hip hop, a group that will always stand among my very favorite artists in the history of music. I don't normally put together mixes in the wake of an artist's passing but Phife had a bigger influence on me than most so I knocked out a quick one highlighting some of my favorite Tribe jams. Peace, love and respect to his family and friends, the whole Native Tongues and everyone else whose life he touched while he was here." My thoughts mirror those of Trackstar still to this day, it's really hard to put to words the influence A Tribe Called Quest had on me as a young kid from Queens... it's endless. So, yeah I wanna revisit those memories today... hit memory lane with me one time and keep an eye out for the posthumous album by Phife Dawg coming... one day soon. Rest In Peace, Phife.