October 03, 2021

Another Trip Around The Sun... Thank You.

Pandemic and all, I survived yet another trip around the sun! I think I can honestly say that things are going pretty well right now. Specifics are unimportant, but my overall level of peace of mind is HIGH. So, why am I stressed? I think it's because the last few years have been so tumultuous that the idea of happiness sounds like such a distant memory. Is this the calm before the storm or did I finally come out the other side of this whole thing? Forcing myself to put that to side, I woke up today, thankful for another day... I smiled my way through a shift at work, and came home to work on some other passion projects and spend time with family. It's not perfect but there's a balance to it, right? My brother Supastition said something to me during the rollout of one of the projects (and I'll paraphrase), "No matter how this album goes, I'm still gonna get up and go to work on Monday." Those words resonate and caused a shift in perspective for me. We can be happy; we can celebrate small victories and all that, but be prepared to get up tomorrow and get back to it. I also think about my brother Praverb, who passed on - what he wouldn't give and what his family wouldn't give for one more day... I can't waste it focussing on the wrong things. Anyhow, that's today's daily post, hope everyone is doing well and I'll let you know what I'm listening to tomorrow. Happy Born Day to Talib Kweli, Black Thought, Asap Rocky and more. Below is a song I've been listening to from Coney Island's NEMS, "Go Fish," where he says, "I wanna tell you that you worth it, right there where you are / Everything that's in your past don't define who you are / It's a new day, and you can choose to do whatever you want / 'Cause the Devil is a liar with the cleverest fronts / You gotta make it happen, so people know what your lifе meant / You don't wanna be 60 wondering whеre your life went / Homie, you gotta make a plan and then bubble / 'Cause there's nobody that's gonna hold your hand when you struggle." Amen to that! Peace and Love. - Sav One.