October 18, 2021

Big Daddy Kane vs. KRS-One (Verzuz Battle, 10/17/21)

Last night, Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One took it to the stage for one of the most highly anticipated Verzuz battles! My timeline leading up to the battle suggested KRS-One was the favored MC, despite the fact that Big Daddy Kane is one of the greatest MCs and live performers in hip-hop history! Sure, on paper, KRS has the more extensive catalog of bigger records and more longevity that extended beyond the 80s and early 90s. However, we've learned through past battles that these battles sway back and forth throughout the night, and the more charismatic personality and performer can often snatch the crown. Ask Jadakiss... TWICE! So, off the paper and onto the stage it went, both MCs bringing their best material and sure, Kane ran out of records earlier, but the story didn't end there! Kane brought his stage presence, freestyles and swag to the forefront. Despite his DJ for the night, DJ Scratch, coming off as an asshole on multiple occasions, Kane and KRS kept it peace and both did their thing. I can see fans saying KRS was the winner before it even started, but once again, I say the artist with the most charisma took home the W, and last night it was Big Daddy Kane. The features were extensive on both artists' set, and to be perfectly honest, most of them overstepped the boundaries and stayed on stage WAY too long. It was another proud night for hip-hop, and I'm sure both will be on the road together and their booking fees just went all the way up! Who did you declare the winner last night? I don't think there's a wrong answer lol.