July 23, 2020

DMX vs. Snoop Dogg (Verzuz Playlist, 7/22/20)

You can't deny the success of the Jadakiss and Fabolous VERZUZ battle, so it was only right that they'd up the ante on their latest effort: DMX vs. Snoop Dogg aka The Battle of the Dogs. I'm told the VERZUZ series is now officially backed by Apple Music, so both artists are now "battling" in the same studio to provide better audio. Hopefully you didn't think corporate wouldn't be involved? Both X and Snoop brought the good vibes - dancing, hyping one another's tracks; telling an occasional story here and there - it was easily the best in the series thus far! I saw a Revolt article that gave the battle to DMX, even going as far as saying X's "Get It On The Floor" beat out Snoop's "Tha Shiznit," but it's no surprise that article has since been taken down: "404 Not found" ... Foolery. Personally, I think Snoop clearly took this one; his catalog is just TOO deep and his energy is just too contagious! But!... I'll say this ...my heart is always gonna be with DMX. There's a greater attachment to his music: the lyrics and emotion, as well as the ups and downs I feel we've all felt throughout X's career. Unfortunately, there are a couple tracks that aren't available on streaming platforms, so the playlist below is incomplete, but you don't miss much. In closing, it's always good to see love - where it counts - in hip-hop, and Uncle Snoop has been a shining example of an OG for YEARS! I take nothing away from DMX, he came widdit, and it was just good to see him, period! Part of me feels like this battle came down to Swizz Beatz vs. Dr. Dre, did you feel that, too? Enjoy!