May 01, 2020

Don't Sleep Records "Original Demos & Unreleased Tracks"

"Every MC I've worked with will tell you there's a 50/50 chance I try to change the beat on any track we record together. Here's a collection of 20 tracks with their original beats that ultimately got cut from the album and swapped for something else. Also included are a few unreleased joints that got scrapped altogether. Some of them I'm not sure why. Give it a listen and hear the original flows as they were intended before I went in and tampered with them. This was a dope trip down memory lane to go back and listen to the OG versions of some of our best records. It was a fun mixtape to put together and it features every member of the Don't Sleep Records roster. Hope you enjoy." - Phoniks // I'm a fan of every artist on the Don't Sleep Records roster, so this was a pleasant surprise - I recommend listening closely below, and click through for a lot more music!