May 02, 2020

Rasheed Chappell x 38 Spesh "Ways & Means" (Album Stream)

New Jersey lyricist Rasheed Chappell has a new project out called Ways & Means, entirely produced by 38 Spesh. While the project boasts only 7 cuts, it packs plenty of punch and features Jamal Gasol, Planet Asia, Che Noir and more. Rasheed Chappell is one of the best artists making music in the underground today - he's a superior lyricist with mindful content, unique flows and strong delivery. His ear for production is great and rooted in all the dynamics that helped me to fall in love with Hip Hop many many years ago. I know Eclipse is always pushing him to record and release more material, so it's good to new music after his solid "First Brick" LP, and the slow-burn classic in his debut album, "Future Before Nostalgia." Run through his catalog if you doubt... TRUST.