October 23, 2019

Killa Kidz "Phenomenon" (Reissue)

This Queensbridge collective was made up of rappers Prince A.D., Mr. Ruck, Supurb, Psycho Child, and Baby Sham. Their 12" to Phenomenon was originally released in 1997 on Young Life Records, and despite a small buzz in the underground, their music was mostly overlooked back in the 90s. Without label interest, the Killa Kidz disbanded. Mr. Ruck became known as Ruc Da Jackal or The Jackal, Psycho Child became known as Mr. Challish or Challace, and both appeared on Hip-Hop compilation albums including Nas’ QB’s Finest. Of course, Baby Sham became a member of The Flipmode Squad and Prince A.D. later became known as Killa Sha who released a handful of singles, mixtapes, and albums during the 2000s. Killa Sha was also affiliated with Tragedy Khadafi’s 25 II Life label under which he dropped some classic singles including “Three The Hard Way” with Headrush Napoleon. Killa Sha sadly died in 2010 due to complications from Diabetes and that put an end to any kind of reunion of the group. Prior to his passing, Sha gifted me a sealed copy of this 12" at Fat Beats. Fortunately, labels like Chopped Herring Records have reissued their records, and Dope Concepts Media released it on CD, too. Props to the website, What Went Right With, for some of the background info. Hit the tags for the "Lyrical Flava" 12" and more from Killa Sha (R.I.P.). Listen below.