September 17, 2019

Combined Operation "Sessions EP" (Reissue, 2019)

I was not expecting to see a re-issue of this underground Chicago gem: Combined Operation's "Sessions" EP from 1998. I'd written about this record - mostly for the cut "Basic Instincts" - back in '06 and got some great feedback on it, but, unfortunately, like so many other records from that era, I never had much information to share about the group. That is, until now: Combined Operation aka Co Op, consisted of 6 eMCees: Melo, Stimulis, Polaris, Skeyo, Majek, and Dash. The entire EP was produced by Drift, whose style set the tempo for the record with its gritty boombap soundscapes. The LP and CDs are now available in limited quantities, with full analog remastering. The artwork was hand-drawn by Andrey 'Bioniq' Glushchenko and commissioned by the good folks at Back 2 Da Source Records for this release. Props to them for giving the EP new life, along with some great people in the underground who continue to champion rare, independent hip-hop from the 90s. Special shout-out to UnikOne, who already had audio of my favorite track off it and was instrumental in tracking down much of the info included in the blurb for the EP. Visit his blog HERE.