August 27, 2018

A Tribe Called Quest "The Love Movement" (Press Kit, 1998)

"8/27/98: New York, NY - A Tribe Called Quest will release their last album, The Love Movement on September 29. The group has decided to disband after being together for ten years. The group will be featured on the October cover of The Source Magazine with an exclusive interview discussing their disbanding. The magazine hits newsstands on September 1. The first single off the album is "Find A Way/Steppin' It Up." According to The Source Magazine, "Find A Way... is a good ole fashioned ghetto love story. Short and simple, this playfully innocent tale possesses that level of youth expression Tribe has always been known for." The video is currently on MTV, BET, and the Box."

"There will be limited number of collectors' editions of the album which will include 6 bonus tracks; "Moneymaker," "Hot Sex," "Scenario (Remix)," "Jazz (We've Got," "One Two S**t"(featuring Busta Rhymes) and "Oh My God (Remix)." The Love Movement is a sonic and spiritual revolution on wax that manages to break new ground without ever losing its sense of playfulness. The album is produced by the Ummah. A Tribe Called Quest build their socially conscious rhymes upon a foundation of positive hip-hop vibes. The combination of their strong jazz influences, with a trademark ability to combine rap styles and blend rhythm and rhyme, has resulted in critical acclaim and platinum status for their last album, Beats, Rhymes & Life." - Press Release, 1998. Is it a classic, too... or nah?