August 24, 2018

Demuja "Can't Defeat" feat. Anti-Lilly

When you dig an artist's music, you dig for an artist's music. Makes sense, right? Well, that's how I stumbled upon this record from Demuja, featuring the good homie, Anti-Lilly, out of Houston, Texas. The track is called "Can't Defeat," and it is featured on Demuja's album "Hidden Paradise." Demuja is an Austrian producer & DJ with an emotive style of production bordering on soulful, jazzy hip-hop in the case of "Can't Defeat," and a more house-infused style on much of the remaining tracks on the project. Anti-Lilly delivers, making the pen bleed on the page with more introspection, like:

"And when you come up, better watch your directions 
Look a man in his eyes and listen to that voice inflection 
Perspectives change and intentions ain't never known 
It be the same people you trust that be plotting shit on the low 
I done seen it, done felt it / Never felt so helpless..."