May 01, 2018

Daniel Son & FutureWave "Pressure Cooker" (Album Stream)

A fierce collaboration between Toronto MC Daniel Son & producer FutureWave entitled "Pressure Cooker." A rugged sound throughout with fitting features from Crimeapple, Saipher Soze, and more. The winters up in Toronto grow more unforgiving each year, and the darker, colder side comes out in Daniel Son's content as well. The 12-track "Pressure Cooker" is probably his best effort to date and with the sound in the underground the last few years, he fits along with the best of today's gritty spitters. I'm glad the audience for it continues to grow as well, music was getting too soft for a while there. Dig into "Pressure Cooker" below! CDs and Vinyl available via OfficialCratesMusic.