May 11, 2018

Jake One "10 Track Commandments" + "Jake One-Ders"

In '06, Scratch Magazine sat down with producer Jake One to share the 10 Track Commandments, and lay down the law on selling super sonics. 1) Don't give a Pro Tools session without getting some paper. 2) Let your management talk about money. That's their job (Facts, I'm an artist manager!). 3) Don't let rappers know where you live (lol). 4) Give your CD to any and everybody. Nobody is doing anything that special to be worrying about biters. (Today, I doubt he'd still give this advice.) 5) Only work with rappers you like, unless they pay you a lot! 6) Don't sweat A&Rs. Give your slaps to the artists or their managers. 7) Clear your own samples. When a label clears a sample, they offer up the producer's end of the publishing. If you do it yourself you can negotiate a better percentage for yourself. All sample clearances are negotiable - there's no standard percentage that either side should get. (Good advice). 8) Don't tell the label or artist what sample you used until they give you paperwork. If you give the information, they could have another producer redo your slap and you're f#cked. This is different than using some obvious ass record and somebody comes with the same loop. In those cases you need to step your record game up. (Facts!) 9) Don't bite some other dude's shit to the point that everybody can hear it. 10) Unless you're a gear-head, don't use 15 machines together. Keep it simple, stupid. Don't let technical bullshit get in the way of your ideas." I hope you took notes, and if you need Jake One's resume, here's a mixtape called the Jake One-Ders, mixed by DJ Costa & DJ Shig (and co-signed by Jake One) in 2013. It obviously doesn't cover everything, like De La Soul & Doom's track, but I've included a video about that along with the mix below...

Behind The Beat (De La Soul "Rock Co.Kane Flow"). And HBD, Jake One!