February 26, 2016

Rawcotiks "Unsigned Hype" (The Source, 3/97)

"...Though it's safe to say things have changed since Tito from The Fearless Four picked up the mic, the Hispanic MC has yet to earn his/her well-deserved title as a mic-wrecka. A glimpse through the Rawcotiks' demo might change your perspective on Hispanic mcees/lyricists. Rawcotiks consists of two impressive vocalists: Jeff Valentino and Butta Lee... Each armed with his own distinctive style, and can paint vivid pictures of topics which range from currency to skills to the ever-present wack MC. As Lee's unpredictable change of style naturally mixes in with Valentino's diverse use of rhyming syllables, each song on their demo carries a different vibe - lyrical, hardcore, criminal or reminiscent: "I'ma continue the struggle / until it's time for the shovel to hit the earth / that's when it's time to disperse..." Representing Washington Heights, New York, these two mcees have the potential to retrieve much needed recognition for the Latino segment of the hip-hop nation... if given the chance. And it's a chance record labels have to take in order to experience the sound and feeling of original acts in hip-hop." - The Source (3/97) / Updated, check "Hardcore Hip-Hop," below.