February 07, 2016

DMX "Next" Feature In Vibe Magazine (1998)

"You know how there's always one song that sets off a party as soon as the first note pours out the speakers? Well, right now, DMX has got that song - the one that makes kids bum-rush the dance floor and bark along with his signature "Where's my dogs at?" call-and-response refrain. And fans of DMX's no-preservatives-added hip hop hungrily await more of the same from his upcoming album, To Hell And Back (Def Jam), due late this spring. Even other celebs are feeling him. Appearing on albums by artists as diverse as LL Cool J, Mase, Mic Geronimo, and Cam'ron, DMX is clearly about to pull a "Foxy Brown." Everyone wants a piece of him' over the next few months, he's got joints coming out with Ice Cube and Jermaine Dupri, as well as a lead role in Hype Williams' first feature film, Belly, due out later this summer. "I stay getting love like that, and I love it. I'm gonna feed everyone," he says about his popularity." Watch "Get At Me Dog" and continue reading below... 

"But to care for his growing kennel of fans, DMX is also establishing his own presence. Case in point: "Get at Me Dog" was originally a collaboration with fellow Yonkers natives the Lox. Although label reps appropriated the song and turned it into a soliloquy for the rapper's own album. "I really wasn't feeling the revised solo version. I didn't see the meaning in it at first," says DMX. "Now I see it was done to let brothas know I'm here. There's dogs out here who don't have a voice. I'm here to soak up their pain and make it felt everywhere by spitting it out to a hot beat." - Vibe, 1998.