February 04, 2016

Ill Biskits "God Bless Your Life" (12", 1994)

Ill Biskits are Deeda & Kleph from Virginia. "God Bless Your Life" was originally released on Khari Entertainment in 1994. Khari Entertanment was a NY label & because the B-Side "22 Years" was produced by the Funky Man, Lord Finesse, some heads thought Ill Biskits were from NY too. In 1995, they signed to Atlantic Records off the strength of the buzz from "God Bless Your Life," and it was reissued as a 12", along with a second single, "Chill Factor" and limited copies for their debut album, "Chronicle Of Two Losers." Their run from '94-96 was all I recall from the MCs as a group, although Kleph released a 12" ("The Dawn") in 1998 that I'm not sure I've heard. In 2007, copies of a 2CD version of "Chronicle of Two Losers" showed up at Fat Beats; said to be released via Khari Entertainment. The second CD had bonus tracks including the Lord Finesse-produced "22 Years," the dope remix to "God Bless Your Life," 3 instrumentals and a demo mix for "Beyond Understanding." Unfortunately, Ill Biskits member Kleph passed away a few years back (2012) due to a heart attack. Rest In Peace and condolences to his peoples. You can stream "God Bless Your Life" below.