February 06, 2016

Broadway "Must Get Paid" (The Source, 2/96)

"Don't get it twisted, Mr. Dion Broadway is no new jack to the hip-hop community. He got his share of airplay in early '95 with "Brothers Die'n Everyday." And who can forget the '94 headbanger "Beg No Friends," featuring Fat Joe, Grand Puba and Chill Will F.T.E. Now an "official" member of the BDP camp, Broadway comes at ya with his latest. Broadway demonstrates a wiser, more on point version of reality rap. Strapped with pure Bronx essence and tight production from the blastmaster himself, Broadway delivers quality hip-hop with a raggamuffish style that should appeal to underground racketeers. "Must Stay Paid" takes its catchy hook from the BDP classic "Criminal Minded" - "Rebel, renegade, must get paid." Dion's off beat-on beat rhyme steelo, a bit of stadium ambience, and Red Alert's infamous "Yeeeah" make the joint complete." Peep the visuals to the track below...

"It's good to see that the BDP camp can still roll with the sign of the times and still be able to provide new flavors after years in the circuit. With tight credentials and experience on his side, Broadway should shine like the street itself." - Sure Shot Single in The Source, February 1996. The hook is still infectious after all these years, and KRS-One's production is hard. To view or save a copy of The Source's full 12", click below, and definitely check out "Beg No Friends," too. Peace!