July 21, 2019

Cam'ron "Who Is Cam'ron" (Press Kit, 1998)

"Cam'ron introduced himself to the public via the savage single "3-5-7," b/w "Pull It" (featuring DMX), a track from Untertainment's Woo Soundtrack album. He began recording Confessions of Fire late last year and reflects, "the first few months were hard for me because I wasn't used to writing in the studio. But after a while I got used to the schedule and I was in there almost every day for about eight months. Once you feel you're making one hot joint after another, the confidence and your output goes way up." Confessions of Fire begins with Cam'ron being led through a jungle swampland filled with eerie howls and ghostly screams into a promised land where money and success are there for the taking. What follows is a sonic theater portraying the life and good/bad times of Cam'ron and thousands of street kids just like him. The album depicts all the pain, glory, fear and triumphs found in all inner cities today." Check out the video to "3-5-7," cont'd below...

"The tracks come fast and furious. From the fearful intro, Cam'ron immediately goes into "Glory," the tracks victorious horns perfectly illustrating the range of emotions found in Cam's life story. The fast and furious "3-5-7" loops the theme from classic TV's "Magnum P.I." and it's lyrics match the hectic feel of a chase scene. Another jam, "D-rugs," personifies addiction by making it a neglectful mother that chooses a tragic, cheating man over her children. "That's my favorite song, because it's a universal story," says Cam'ron. "Addiction is so common in America today; everyone can relate to it." Elsewhere on the album, Cam'ron continues to guide the listener through his life story, putting the curb on a relationship with his best friend's girl ("Wrong Ones"), flosses mack-style in a Caddy ("Pimp Is A Pimp"), and on one of the album's strongest tracks, negotiates for a longer life with the Grim Reaper ("Death"). Whether flashing guns or roses, Cam'ron represents several facets of life."