December 30, 2014

"The House That Primo Built" (Mixtape, 2014)

Mixed by Kil, "The House That Primo Built" pays homage to NYC’s legendary D&D Studios: "I know there's been a rack of studios where classic albums have been recorded (Green Street, Daddy's House, Battery, Chung King, Baseline) but the one that always stood out to me was D&D. That's 9 times outta 10 cause it's the house that Primo built and by Preem being one of my fave producers it's only natural that D&D would be the spot that stood out to me. And it doesn't end with Preem cause one of my other fave producers Da Beatminerz also called D&D home. Not to mention everybody from Nas, Jay Z and Rakim to Big L, DITC and KRS have all called this place home! But with everything in NYC but the Bronx Zoo being turned into condos and with the building that houses D&D falling prey to the condo bug too, I guess that dream ain't gonna come true. So with D&D finally closing their doors ya'll already know I had to throw a mix together with some of my favorite songs recorded at D&D to salute one of the most important landmarks in hip hop!" Updated.