Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Big Dro & Zinndeadly 'Choose One' 12" (2001)

Big Dro & Zinndeadly 'Choose One' 12" (2001) Mystic

I'll admit, I grabbed this single because of the feature from Mystic; the Oakland MC and songstress, who brought us 'Scars for Luck & Cuts for Freedom' in 2000. I've also supported nearly all the releases on the GoodVibe Recordings label, so it wasn't a big leap that I'd enjoy this single from Big Dro & Zinndeadly too. The 12" came out in 2001, with cuts from DJ Drez and additional features from 427, Phil Da Agony & Planet Asia on the B-Side joint, 'Three O'Clock Rhyme Session.' Zinndeadly handled production on both tracks. Looking into his catalog, Big Dro had a total of 3x 12" releases that I could dig up, as well as being on the GoodVibe Recordings compilation in 2000. I think you'll like this joint, so stream/download the full 12" HERE, and hear a sample below.