February 21, 2020

Audio Two "The Untold Story of Audio Two" (Teaser)

Audio Two consists of brothers Milk Dee and Gizmo. Milk Dee is widely known for his pitched, off-beat rhyme style, and his infatuation with milk. In his video for "I Don't Care," he is seen riding around Brooklyn in a milk truck drinking milk, which helped promote his image. In 1987, Audio Two dropped their classic single "Top Billin" which helped change the Hip Hop landscape. "Top Billin" has been sampled over 300 times! Audio Two and their sister, MC Lyte, were signed to the First Priority Records label, of which their father was president. Now, it appears there is a documentary in the works telling The Untold Story of Audio Two. It's just a teaser at this point, but check out the video below - directed and produced by James Kraze Billings for King of Content Productions.