February 03, 2020

Juicy The Emissary "Timber!" (Instrumental Album)

The follow up to Juicy The Emissary’s fantastic 2017 SCM debut isn’t truly a follow up. The A-side of 2019’s “Timber” was found by SCM head House Shoes in 2016 while digging around on SoundCloud. ‘Shoes hit Juicy and let him know he was interested in releasing it on Street Corner Music, he just needed him to give him the B-side tracks. Juicy said he would oblige, but told ‘Shoes he had just finished another project and would sent that thru as well. That project would turn out to be ‘Attention Kmart Choppers’, one of the illest beat tapes ever in the medium. Juicy dissected a vault of Kmart’s musical library that would be played in-store while customers shopped in the 1980’s. He eventually completed the B-side that ‘Shoes needed to complete the album that initially garnered his interest in Juicy. And here it is. Timber. Chop Chop. Also available on LP via Fat Beats.