January 21, 2019

Trends Of Culture "When Trend Men Come" (Album Sampler)

Originally due to be released in 1995, the lost 2nd album from Trends of Culture, 'When Trend Men Come,' has finally arrived courtesy of GRR/Heavy Jewelz and is a must-have for 90s rap fanatics! Featuring the original 11 track album (remastered from the impossible-to-obtain promo tape and sounding great) PLUS 3 bonus demo tracks from the same era (the demos are pretty rough but have been restored as best as possible). I've been waiting on this album since '95 when they dropped the 12" for "Make A Move," not to mention their cult-classic debut "Trendz..." and the remix to "Who Got My Back," which convinced me a follow-up was definitely coming soon. Approaching 25 years later, the wait is over, check out the snippets of "When Trend Men Come" and the archives.