February 24, 2018

Zoom & Rectape "Delivery" (Album Stream)

Zoom and Rectape, two Strasbourg beatmakers are proud to present their first album "Delivery". Between Boom Bap and modern sounds, this opus is a showcase of what has made the name of American hip-hop in the last 20 years. The prestigious guests follow one another, from the legendary Masta Ace to the promising Dizzy Senze. In total, a dozen artists answered the call of the two beatmakers. The two friends met in the collective "The 13th Looters". The connection was established immediately and the idea of ​​a common album quickly took shape. Locked up in their studio, composing instrumental pieces, connecting with the artists, shooting video clips for over a year, they worked tirelessly to make the project a success. Although most of the productions were made in Strasbourg, some of the pieces were recorded and filmed in New York to give more relief to the project. Delivery is carried by an exceptional team. Rectape and Zoom were indeed surrounded by well-known personalities, including the Kayo and GSTN beatmakers or the DMC DJ Nelson World Champion. New talents also, like the young saxophonist Erwan met by chance while improvising under a bridge. These are all ingredients that allowed Delivery to see the light of day. This album features boom-bap titles, among the first hip-hop tracks that combine a minimalist instrumental with MC's unbridled flow. More than paying tribute to these mythical sounds, Rectape and Zoom bring a certain freshness through the use of samples and modern production techniques.