February 02, 2018

Da Bush Babees "Next" Feature In Vibe Magazine (June, 1995)

"Three years ago, out of this multiculti boiling pot were born Da Bush Babees, a reggae-hip-hop trio whose hit singles "We Run Things (It's Like Dat)" and "Remember We" from their debut album, Ambushed, have served notice: The old-school sounds of Brooklyn remain in full effect, and their freewheeling style isn't a hodgepodge - it's a way of life. "We're all West Indian and wanted to represent the connection between hip hop and reggae," says Mr. Man (aka Mr. Khaliyl), the analytical one in the group. "Since we're new to the whole music industry and culture, we call ourselves Babees, and of course, we're from Flatbush, so ... Bush Babees." Peep "Remember We," cont'd below...

"Bae-B-Face Kaos (aka Lee) met Mr. Man three years ago while performing at a club. The aptly nicknamed rapper, whose rough style is chock-full o' metaphors and similes, recalls that a dope beat dropped and "Mr. Man started rhyming in my ear, I started rhyming in his, and we caught a good vibe. We started going over each other's cribs and just freestyled - to the point that we just became a group." Well, two-thirds of one, anyway. Y-Tee (aka Jamahl), the business-minded Babee, moved from Jamaica three years ago. He got hip to the group shortly after Mr. Man checked him out live on stage, flexing melodious dancehall rhymes. Next, lyrics were written, jams were packed, and Da Bush Babees collectively realized each individual's goal while sparking the entire industry. Three months after coming together, they were signed. "I guess you could call it luck," says Y-Tee. Only in N.Y." - Vibe, 6/95. Some of my favorite records, their style was dope! (Updated, 2018).

Da Bush Babees Vibe June-July 1995 Mr. Man